Design Engineering

We have invested in the latest Solidworks software to help create mechanical designs and 2D detailed drawings.

Our specialist areas are mechanisms, such as locks, latches, hinges, etc but we have also designed disability products, mobile phone accessories, hand held tools and even food products.

We have a good knowledge of designing castings, mouldings, pressed & machined parts.

Penline is always looking for new challenges.



We can create prototypes using our own Makerbot 3D printer and our own machinery.

For more accurate prototypes we use a number of subcontract processes and can create models that represent production intent products



Penline Engineering currently manufactures a small number of our own products and this is a specific area that we are looking to expand by offering this facility to our customers.


Customers have tapped into the experience that Martin has had, in a wide area of engineering disciplines, such as running a busy design and quality department. Penline has had recent success in introducing systems within a customer’s design department ensuring that they are aligned with the requirements for the company’s business plan.

Another success has been to work with a Far Eastern supplier to ensure that components are manufactured and checked to European standards without compromising the low-cost prices.