Offering 3D CAD Support to
Small Businesses

Penline Engineering Limited was set up in 2015 to support small
businesses who don’t have their own 3D CAD facilities and for
medium sized businesses who need a helping hand.

Martin Wollacott, Technical Director, is at the helm and has been in industry for over 30 years holding a variety of roles in SME’s. These positions have included, Mechanical Design Engineer, Quality Manager and Technical Director.

He has gained a reputation for being an innovative engineer who is motivated to provide designs and products to specification, on time and on budget. Martin has dealt with suppliers of castings, mouldings, machined and pressed parts extensively in the UK and also has personally selected suppliers out in the Far East.

It is this vast experience that we can impart to our customers, whether it be innovative mechanical design creations, providing cost effective working prototypes or taking projects through to full production.

Our core values are to provide a friendly and reliable service whilst providing innovative design concepts.

You should choose Penline Engineering Limited if you need to generate innovative mechanical designs and prototypes and/or you need to tap into 30 years of experience covering a wide range of roles in industry.